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Easy Guide for First Time Home Buyers in Australia

To buy a first home is one of the biggest financial investment of your life, with large capital investment and long-term benefits. As a first-time buyer in Australia, one needs to be extra careful and need to have an in-depth understanding of the process involved. If you’re seeking a home requires time, commitment and efforts. However, invest in real estate can be tricky somewhere; finding a good agent and getting pre-approved beforehand are few things one can avoid as first-time home loan buyers.

Most people purchase a house only once in their lifetime. Therefore, one must do it right. The house that you choose should be future-proof because it serves all needs of the family in terms of living space and location. Here, we have few guidelines to understand before buying your first home.

What are the things we need to prepare for a home loan?

Do not rush into applying for a home loan as a first-time homebuyer. However, there are certain factors one need to consider are:

  • Understand your needs

We need to consider a few factors, say your budget, the number of members living in the house now and in future, the possibility of having a guest stay or using the home for self-use or investment purpose.

  • Look for how much you can borrow

The lender might have different requirement for how much they lend you with checking through their mortgage calculators. They help you give a rough idea after basic details offered. Also, you can ask for more, if possible, from your mortgage broker. Therefore, you can be prepared to arrange some other amount from elsewhere.

  • Check for the pros and cons of different home loans

Not all homes are created equally; some will be suited to your financial position and some based on future goals. The interest rates may vary between banks and lenders and come with different options choice to choose best from options. If you’re seeking the best interest rates, the state home loan centre is for you.

How to apply for a loan as a First Home Buyer?

If you have decided which type of loan you’re interested in and how much you can afford it in the mortgage, you can apply for a home loan. Today most industries have experts who suggest the best offer suitable for your needs. Similarly, State Home Loan Centre is one among them. The professional help you clear the process with a simple to the easy documentation process.
Moreover, it’s essential to understand that every bank and home loan lender have different requirements for your application process. However, in general terms, they ask for-.

  • Income Proof
  • Documented Saving History
  • Other Financial Records

Majorities of bank or lenders ask to submit the appropriate documentation, fill forms and ask to attend an interview before issuing you a loan. But with the state home loan centre, we have an easy and quick process for you.

In a few cases, you will be given a pre-approval home loan guarantee certificate where the bank or lender offers a sum amount of money for a property or specific condition like property valuation, size, and another factor. However, the certificate they provide do not last forever, and it should give enough time to find a suitable property and apply it for approval.

Some advanced tips to consider for First time home buyers

  • Not all home loans are suitable for you. Do some research and find the one best fits your needs.
  • Make sure your all documentation is well-organised and easily accessible. Get the proper financial records and the necessary documentation to speed up the process.
  • Do have a contingency plan before buying your first home.
  • Find a flexible loan and accommodate your requirements.

Why Choose State Home Loan Centre for buying your First Home?

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