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State Home Loan Centre helps you build a home on trust and transparency. We bring multiple home financing options that suit your budget with ease. With us, enjoy affordable interest rates, instant processing and easy repayment options. We understand how essential it is to choose the right home. Therefore, we reduce your financial burden and enhance savings.

Your journey to a dream home begins with well-planned steps. We are a one-stop solution for your housing needs and offer easy finance with simple eligibility terms and minimal documentation requirements.

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Here is an easy way for you to calculate your repayments. Discover how paying more can reduce your loan term by many years and reduce the total cost of your loan.

If you can pay more each repayment, you can reduce the term of your loan.

Enter how much you would like to repay each period.

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Consulting our broker would assist you with the level of mortgage repayment that you can afford. We look at your income as well as your debt repayments and daily spending. Later we end up with a mortgage that best suits your needs. Everyone has the right to impartial mortgage advice, and We don’t believe there’s one size fit for all. Therefore, it’s your call to choose our approach and walk away happy every single time.

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Guarantor Loan

One Smart Financial Decision can help you avoid paying Lender Mortgage Insurance (LMI)

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We know saving deposit for a loan as a first-time buyer would take time. However, finding the guarantor could help you get the property more efficiently. State Home Loan Centre ask the applicant to have the application undersigned by a guarantor to ensure the loan is paid back. We only need a small deposit in such a case, and you get into the market sooner. Our mortgage broker will help you explain the role and benefits you get from a Guarantor loan for better understanding.

Low Deposit Home Loan

We help the first home buyer to purchase a property at Low Deposit!

To help Australians get their first home sooner, we allow buyers to buy a home at a low deposit. Our advisors have access to thousands of first-time buyers with including exclusive First mortgage offers. We don’t just find a cheap deal for you but also tailor your needs and guide through low cost and affordable housing schemes. If you aren’t ready to meet the broker, we have a handy calculator to crunch some numbers to give you a rough idea about the low deposit.

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State Home Loan


Ready to Refinance? To meet your financial goals now is the right time to Refinance.

You won’t have to pay a higher interest rate if you have an option for moving on to a lower rate. Refinancing is beneficial for you if you need a better interest rate and more convenient terms of repayment. The State Home Loan Centre team can lower monthly mortgage payment and meet your customised needs with ease. Our best loan consultant is here to help you navigate through the nuances and determine the right refinance for you.


Take control over a wide range of investing and retirement options. We create a secure financial future for you.

Are you thinking to buy an investment property? Well, we are here to offer flexibility in your savings and reduce the interest you pay. We have a primary home loan that provides the best investment loan. We understand the mortgage needs of property investor and ensure to get the right property options for our customers. We work hard to offer simple, flexible and excellent value investment home loan with perfect security.

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