We are committed to protect your data privacy and improving our services by recognising our customer’s needs. To safeguard our client’s privacy, we adopt standards that help maintain and preserve our customers confidentially. State Home Loan Centre does not share or sell your personal information outside companies for their promotional use. The following statements affirm that we continue to safeguard customer information.

About the Policy

This privacy policy explains how our team manages your personal information.

What is Personal Information?

It includes information or opinion about an individual who reasonably identifies their information. The information will remain personal, whether it’s true or not. The data we collect from you would depend on the services and products we offer.

What kind of personal information, we collect from you?

Whenever any customer applies for our services or products, we ask them for identification information. The information includes name, contact details, address and date of birth. In addition, we collect tax file number and add authorised data to collect and choose to supply it. If you’re applying for information, we may collect information about what to insure, your health, the beneficiaries, financial situation etc.

We collect and hold your information throughout the life of your service or product. It includes transaction information or making a record of complaints with collecting additional information to assess the claim. We collect information that is necessary to provide with specific service or product.

What purpose do we collect, hold and use personal information?

We collect and use the information to offer the best services to you, which includes:

  • Our team checks your eligibility for services.
  • We assist you where the online application is not completed.
  • To provide help to get the best services.

We may use your personal information to comply with regulatory needs to prevent fraud, jurisdiction, crime, and other activity that harms our services.

How do we collect information?

We collect information from you electronically. For example, you visit our website, and whenever you apply or access our services, we collect those data. Sometimes, we receive personal data from other people or organisations. It only happened with your direct involvement. We collect personal information from:

  • Your Representatives
  • From publicly available information source like public registers
  • Commercial information like service providers and offer fraud reports prevention.

What laws allow us to collect personal information?

We collect data based on authorised law like:

  • Certain identification information law by Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing act, counter-terrorism financing rules instrument 2007.
  • If you select to provide your tax file number, we follow the income tax assessment act 1936.
  • If you apply for credit or provide a guarantee, we provide financial position under the national consumer credit protection act and give mortgage security under property laws.
  • If you apply for certain insurance, we use the insurance contracts act 1984.

How we hold your data?

We store them electronically in a secured data centre located in Australia and owned by State Home Loan Centre. Few information would be stored in paper files and protected with several security measures. Let’s say,

  • Get access to information system controlled through access management and identity.
  • The team needs to have complete training about information security.
  • The data bound by internal information security policy needs to keep information secure.
  • We take responsibility to identify personal information after it’s no longer used.

Who do we disclose your data to and why?

We may share personal information with other companies outside the state home loan centre. To protect the data, we enter into contracts with other services that comply with the privacy act. We only use information disclosed for the specific role. It includes:

  • Authorised representative and credit representative who sell services on our behalf.
  • Financial adviser, auditors and legal advisers.
  • Insurers, health-care providers, re-insurers.
  • External dispute resolution schemes and law enforcement bodies in any jurisdiction.
  • Payment systems operators, debt collectors, etc.

Do we disclose personal data overseas?

Yes, we may disclose personal data to a recipient located outside Australia, it adds:
To do international transactions and exchange currency, we need to disclose the data corresponding to the international party and process the transaction. The countries disclose information depending on the transaction details carried out.

Do we make use of personal data for direct marketing?

We use the data we gather to offer targeted communication about services and products we feel interested you. We may send details of services provided by our business partner related to Aussie entities. We provide direct marketing and promotions to make life easier. You have all rights to choose not to receive these communications. It won’t cost you anything, and we are committed to ensuring that you stop receiving any unwanted communication. If you feel not to receive any communication, write to us.

Access to correction of personal information

You can request us the personal information we hold about you. You can ask us for the correction you need to be made. There is no fee for requesting the personal information to be corrected. In some circumstance, we are not required to give access to your personal information. If we refuse your request to update the information, you have the right to request the statement associated with personal information.

Notifiable Data Breaches

Our privacy act includes a Notifiable Data Breaches scheme that requires us to notify you and the office of the Australian information/data commissioner of certain data breaches. We recommend steps you can take to limit the impact of a breach. The scheme notifies us about a data breach that results in serious harm to affected individuals. If you think a data breach impacts personal information and creates a likely risk of serious harm, we notify you and keep in close contact with you.

Resolving your privacy concerns and complaint

If you have a concern about personal information being handled or complaint about the Australian privacy principles breach, then do contact us. We acknowledge the complaint after we get a receipt of it. We will revert for any further information from you to resolve your complaint. If you’re not satisfied with our response, you may lodge a complaint with the Australian Financial Authority.


Get in touch with us

    We collect personal information (including name, phone number and email address) about you so we can contact you and make an appoinment to discuss a home loan and other products that may be of interest to you. For more information about how we collect and handle personal information, including how you can access or correct your personal information or contact us with any feedback, please read our privacy policy