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Buying or constructing your dream house is a significant and important decision of a lifetime. But, in these ever-escalating rates in real estate, it becomes difficult to own property through savings. Therefore, no need to compromise on your aspirations as we have several types of home loans available for you.

State Home Loan

Offset Home Loan

Get set to pay off your loan sooner by using your saving amount and reducing the sum of interest you pay. Choose a state home loan centre to get great interest rates and increase your regular repayment without penalty. It’s simple, and if you have an offset account linked to your mortgage, you can reduce the interest each month.

How does an Offset home loan works?

Using an offset, the interest is charged on the difference between your home loan balance minus the amount in your linked offset account. The account uses the money from the available loan balance. The more money you have in your offset account, the less interest you pay on your home loan. Save up with time and use extra money to pay your home loan faster. We have professional who’ll guide you through in case of any confusion.

Investment Property Loan

Investing in property is a good way to make passive income or offer a vacation home for your family. At the state home loan centre, we make your investment goals a reality by providing suitable finances to cut cost from the bottom line. For an option, you can use current home equity to finance buying an additional property. Also, there are several tax benefits like depreciation and lower tax rate for long-term profits. Consult our tax advisor and check your eligibility needs.

How to get an investment property Loan?

For investor home loan, the needs might be stricter, and there are chances that bank and lender have raised the bar. Therefore, choose the best lender like State Home Loan centre who have trained agents to evaluate the best possible rates for your mortgage. Higher your borrowing capacity and apply for the right type of funding support.

State Home Loan
State Home Loan

Bridging Loans

State Home Loan Centre offers Bridge loan for all homeowners who aspire to upgrade their homes to bigger or better locations. We provide a bridge loan to meet your short-term financial requirements. We offer loan with interest charged dependent on the borrower’s repayment capacity using our secure working capital requirement. State home loan centre helps mitigate shortfall of funds and support customer to avoid the distressed sale of existing homes.

How does a bridging loan work?

Whenever you feel a need for finance to meet the gap between receiving funds from the sale of your existing home and looking to buy a new property, a bridging loan is for you. It gives you a line of credit to cover the bridge between receiving fund on old and purchasing new property. If you’re seeking for a good option to bridge the loan, we are the right fit for you.

Home Loan for Medical Professionals

Whether you are a doctor, dentist, technician or physician assistant, you can buy or refinance your home with us. State Home Loan Centre offers benefits like easy balance transfer with a unique home loan scheme. Our budget-friendly scheme let health professionals realise the dream of owning a home with securing a housing loan at the best interest rates. We have an expert team who offer excellent assistance and avail exclusive pre-approved offers.

What are the benefits of a home loan for medical professional?

Applying to the special medical professional home loan would allow you to enjoy one or more benefits like No Lender’s Mortgage Insurance, low deposit and lower interest rate with discounted fees. You’ll find several lenders in Australia, but it’s always a good idea to look around and compare deals from multiple lenders that offer home loan for doctors at the best rates.

State Home Loan
State Home Loan

Construction Home Loans

State Home Loan Centre offers home loan for the self-construction of the home property. We provide a unique solution for customers who owned land and need funds to construct a house on the land. We provide affordable loans at an attractive interest rate and assist you with constructing a house with simple documentation and repayment schemes. We deliver high-standard of ethics, transparency and integrity. Let’s plan your home loan and know the amount you’re eligible for.

How does a construction mortgage work?

Well, construction loans are known as building loans which function differently than a standard home loan. Typically, the interest rates are charged initially for 12 months in most cases with keeping minimum repayments. The only difference is how your repayment is calculated based on what part of the building process is occurred. If you’re looking to apply for a construction loan, choose us to get the best rates as we ensure there are no hidden cost and overruns as you get further into the build.

SMSF Home Loan

To purchase investment property via a self-managed super fund (SMSF), the State home loan centre has competitive loans to meet your requirements. We lend to SMSFs to purchase residential property for investment and purchase a non-specialised commercial investment property. If you’re looking to leverage the power with an SMSF property loan, we’re here to help you buy property for your future financial security.

Why you need an SMSF Home loan?

If you want to use your super fund to buy property, it’s a great idea to go with SMSF. As it helps to boost your retirement fund and provide the best tax incentives. SMSF offers significant tax breaks in the accumulated phases. Additionally, one can gain any property taxed at a discounted rate by bringing down your taxable income. Buying property with this money can bring you a benefit commercially by providing the best financial outcome for your retirement.

State Home Loan


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